Advocat features

Advocat AI empowers business units to do more using the guardrails set by Legal. With Advocat, Business Users can generate documents from templates pre-filled with data from company databases with complex tailoring for different contracting intents. Then, the document goes into a pre-set approval workflow, depending on risk.  Now Legal departments can do more with fewer resources, and Business Units

get business done faster.

Contract generation

Generating complex contracts is made simple with Advocat Document Generation. Advocat's knowledge graph AI tailors contract templates as users provide information. 

contract generation

Advocat Process Workflow


Our highly customizable workflow moves documents within your corporation with little guidance. Generated documents know where to go for approval, approved documents know where to go for signature, and signed documents know where to be stored.


Advocat’s Contract Negotiation Tool streamlines negotiations between you and your clients. Focus the conversation on a few key terms, reduce counter-party redlining, and avoid unnecessary legal costs.

Advocat Process Negotiation

Making enterprise legal fast and easy for companies