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Get Rid of the Billable Hour, Say In-House Leaders

May 11, 2021 1 minute read

Looks like corporations are displeased with and questioning the antiquated system of billable hours with law firms.  Modern AI based solutions make it so much easier for in-house legal departments to get their work done much faster and cost effectively.  More importantly it brings consistency in legal obligations across the company’s legal documents.  In fact, these very law firms will be left with no choice but to use these solutions.  It is just a mater of time.  Visit www.advocat.ai to learn about our solution that assists in-house attorneys with their legal intake, research and drafting needs.

Source:  https://www.law.com/corpcounsel/2021/05/10/get-rid-of-the-billable-hour-say-in-house-leaders/