Faster contract creation and administration

AI-guided contract generation with guardrails set by in-house legal.

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Respond to ever-changing
global sanctions

The Russia sanctions list and beneficial ownership is changing almost daily. Are your systems robust enough to keep up? Are you checking all of the contracts that you have in force and under negotiation against the sanctions lists every day? Reach out now to see how Advocat can help you avoid uncertainty and identify how you’ve been impacted.

Understand your contracts

Advocat's knowledge graph approach

By building documents using a knowledge graph, Advocat understands the terms of documents better than other contract lifecycle management softwares.

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Do business faster by creating your documents on Advocat

By generating documents on Advocat, you can save time writing, negotiating, approving, and signing contracts. Plus, our unique knowledge graph approach ensures that our system fully understands every contract it creates, providing users with clause management capabilities unmatched by other contract lifecycle management systems.

Increase your legal team efficiency by almost 8X

Advocat assists users in finding the right contract templates, generating data, performing legal research, and presenting it for approval. 

This automated process unloads much of the administrative work for attorneys, giving them much needed time to focus on higher-level projects. 

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Increase productivity and free in-house attorneys’ time for more strategic work

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Improve consistency of legal
obligations across the organization

Convert contract data into actionable insights

Our AI-driven software finds the right contract template, fills in the correct data pulled from company databases, performs legal research to update the document, and presents the legal draft for approval all within minutes.

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