Faster contract creation and administration

Business users just have a conversation.
Advocat AI does the rest.

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Get business done faster with automated contract processing

Advocat AI is a conversation-driven AI enabled platform that assists in-house attorneys with legal intake, research and drafting. Our solution provides seamless integration between in-house legal departments and business users to accelerate getting business done.

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Increase productivity and free in-house attorneys’ time for more strategic work

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Improve consistency of legal
obligations across the organization

Increase your legal team efficiency by almost 8X

By replacing traditional computer input with natural dialog, Advocat assists users in finding the right contract templates, generating data, performing legal research, and presenting it for approval. 

This automated process unloads much of the administrative work for attorneys, giving them much needed time to focus on higher-level projects. 

Convert contract data into actionable insights

Our AI-driven software finds the right contract template, fills in the correct data pulled from company databases, performs legal research to update the document, and presents the legal draft for approval all within minutes.

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